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NuJoint Plus for your pets bones and jointsIf you want your pet to live a full and healthy life, it’s important not to forget that animals are just as susceptible to joint problems as are humans. Just as we take fish oil supplements and various other products to strengthen our bones, pets be given supplements to do the same. That’s where our NuJoint Plus® product comes into play, a nutrient-rich and bio-digestible supplement that works as a natural approach for healthy joints, bones and hips.

The NuJoint Plus® reviews page exists so that pet owners can hear from other owners and breeders first-hand about how much the product has helped their pets improve their bone and joint strength.  Many customers have written to thank us for helping them. Read some of the reviews below to see how much NuJoint Plus® has helped pets and owners from all across the country.


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“I would like to start off mentioning that I have never written a letter to any company for any reason what so ever. But I am compelled to write to you. In June of this year I was speaking with a co-member of our local Bichon Frise club. She was telling me about your supplements and how the NuJoint Plus has especially helped her large older dog. She was saying that he is a new dog after taking these supplements.

I have two small dogs, Bichon Frise, both only 3 years old. One of them (Roxee) has always had a rather poor coat and a little too lean (not a big eater). The other (Wynter) I had noticed was starting to limp upon rising, each time she emerged from her crate. She seemed to walk it off with a few strides, but a limp was definitely there and troubling to me. On occasion she would even skip on three feet. This had been going on for about six weeks. I guess I was hoping it would go away on its own.

My friend gave me a sample of the supplements. This was important to me because if I can’t get my dogs to eat them, then obviously they are of no use. To my amazement they both ate them with no hesitation.

I placed my first order, which included NuJoint Plus for Wynter, and NuVet Plus K-9 for Roxee. After giving my girls their supplements for only ONE WEEK, the girl who limped, limped NO MORE!! I have not seen one single limp or skip since that time!! NOT ONE!! In the mornings she fires out of her crate like a rocket!! Roxee now eats much better, has put on weight and filled out beautifully. Her coat is now thick and lovely, and remarkably to me, she has not once refused to eat her supplements (and she is extremely picky).

It has been three months since we first started with NuVet and we have just received our second shipment of supplements. My girls will NEVER be without their NuVet!! I highly recommend your products to all my dog friends. Thank you so much for making such a quality supplement available.”

Sheri Kennedy,


“The tablets worked great for my big boy. His name was Conan…. He did not whine when he was getting up after a couple of weeks after taking NuJoint Plus. Thanks for having the tablets for dogs.”

Cindy Simpkins,


“Our Scrappy, a 6 year old English Bulldog, was horribly neglected for 3 years….Scrappy had to be carried or rode in his personal wagon. He is still on multiple medications everyday but recently began taking NuJoint Plus. We have seen more progress in the last week than I’ve seen since August. He’s walking again and even has begun doing the Scrappy Shuffle again (his version of the moon walk). I couldn’t be happier, Scrappy and my back are very pleased. Scrappy is currently on the natural NuJoint Plus and will be starting the NuVet Plus, too…”

Ruthann Phillips,


“I have seen some amazing things happen to our wonderful boy Mooch within weeks of putting him on NuJoint Plus. Mooch is 15 years young. He went from having trouble walking to walking within days of NuJoint with very little problems. His coat and skin looks great as well. He plays with the other dog with ease now. I highly recommend NuJoint Plus for your canine companions.”

Sincerely,The Williams,


“Dear NuVet, I am writing you to tell you about how much I am pleased with NuJoint Plus. Since taking the medication my dog Bo has become a new dog. Before taking the medication he acted very old and unable to move; now he acts much younger than his age. He now frequently jumps up and down when happy and enjoys going outside for long walks. I can tell how happy he has become and I am grateful for your product.”

Judy Williams,

North Carolina

“My Daughter has a 3 year old Shih Tzu. She took him to the vet because he started crying every time he walked, and could not jump on the sofa. After one week of NuJoint Plus, he is back to his old self running and playing. We have mentioned it to several of our friends. Thanks to NuJoint Plus, he is doing well.”

Thank you very much.

Manny Rodriguez,



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