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Nuvet PlusThe NuVet Plus® reviews page is important to potential buyers who want to know more about our products before giving them to their pets. NuVet Plus® is our best selling product, and 8 years of research went into creating its formula. We developed NuVet Plus® after realizing that most pets weren’t getting proper nutrition in their diets by means of conventional pet food. The supplement uses only highest quality ingredients and nutrients , helping target free radicals while simultaneously helping boost your pet’s immune system.

Every day here at NuVet Labs® we receive testimonials and pictures from happy pet owners who are thrilled to see improvements in their pets’ health after using NuVet Plus®. After all, a healthy pet makes for a happy owner, and that makes us even more enthusiastic about offering our natural, highest quality products. We always value your feedback, and we read every review that is sent to us. From Lhasa Apsos to Labradors, we always delight in seeing what your pet looks like, and we feel even better knowing that our products have helped them. Take a look at some of the reviews for yourself and see what NuVet Plus® can do for your pet’s health.


NuVet Customer Reviews

“I just wanted to share my story about my English Bulldog, who as the breed themselves are notorious for having health issues. We still got her and started her on Nuvet Plus. As weeks and then months were going by, I was taking her to our vet getting the knee checked to see if surgery was going to be needed, which by the way is not cheap. She is now 1 year old and at her 1 year check-up, my vet checked her as usual and said she is doing great. I have a very active, healthy bully and we owe Nuvet many thanks for their great vitamins. Any Bulldog owner should really consider this product if they want their family member to lead an active and healthy life. Bulldogs are known for all types of problems from their skin all the way to their joints. Try this product and you and your bully will see the difference it makes in your lives. Thank you Nuvet for such a great product… by the way it works great for my Scottie and Poms. It can truly help your dog as much as it has helped our big gal. Again, thank you for helping us to help Bailey.”

Tammy Swing,

North Carolina

“Velvet has been on NuVet for a week and I really do see a difference. Velvet is an 11 year old champion Weimaraner who has been extremely athletic her entire life. At 9 years of age she won the “Mutt derby” at the local greyhound track over about 50 dogs in her weight class. She has also won numerous Frisbee and retrieving contests. A few weeks ago Velvet was having difficulty jumping on the bed and would bark for us to help her. I was surprised to walk in my bedroom last week and see her up on the bed on her own. This week she is leaping up there effortlessly. I mentioned to you that I have a science background with a graduate degree in epidemiology. This means that I can be a skeptic. However I am really impressed so far with the effects of NuVet on Velvet. She is acting younger. I will keep you posted.”

Barbara Cook,


“I just wanted to let the people of NuVet know. I absolutely love your supplements. My Chocolate Lab Max, … not too long after he had his shots he had a pesticide sprayed in his face. So with his immune system being so low he got extremely sick. The vet wanted to put him down. Three weeks and he couldn’t walk or go outside to the bathroom. I started him on his probiotics and NuVet Plus, as well as a raw diet. He pulled out of it in no time. He now looks like a different dog. His coat and eyes are so bright. He jumps up and down when before he was having many…problems. I know it has to do with NuVet Plus. I only wish I had him on it even before. I now have a rescue Chihuahua, Milo, and a Boxer by the name of Vader. I also hope to have them on it as well as anyone I know that has pets. This is an amazing product. The customer service persons go above and beyond, and are very sincere with all their responses. I am an extremely pleased customer. Max can’t wait to get his supplement in the morning. I believe he knows it helps him to feel better. So I thank you, and Max does too.”

Mark and Mandy Williams,

North Carolina

“Zu Zu’s Petals is my 11 year old toy poodle and baby. Our groomer recommended NuVet… I contacted my veterinarian and he assured me that the ingredients in NuVet would not adversely affect her current prescription medication. The first night after feeding her NuVet, I thought I was seeing what I wanted to see, that she seemed to actually feel better. After three days on NuVet she definitely had more energy… Zu Zu’s Petals’ coat is softer and her playfulness level has increased 100% after only one week. My husband and I thank you NuVet for this wonderful product! We are singing your praises loudly to our family and friends.”

Peggy Smith,



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